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Update to the full U.S. Mandarin immersion list – 7 new schools

March 2, 2018

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I spent some time last week going through all the emails and updates that have come in about various schools and input them all in to the master Mandarin immersion school list. I also spoke with several people in New York City about what schools there do and don’t offer Mandarin immersion and updated that list as well, which included deleting some public schools which no longer have MI programs.

As always, if you have updates or fixes, please email me, weise (at) well (dot) com.

The full list is available here.


Empower Charter School

in San Diego is a Spanish immersion program which is adding Mandarin, to become a trilingual immersion school (Spanish, Mandarin and English.)


Chapman Elementary school

in Gardena, Calif. in the Los Angeles Unified School District is launching a K – 5 Mandarin immersion program that will be combined with a STEAM (science technology engineering arts math) program.


Higley Mandarin Program

Coronado, Gilbert, Arizona

New parent website:


East Light Academy

Charleston SC

Opening in Fall 2018

Now has an address!


New address for East Link Mandarin Immersion Charter in South Carolina.

3550 Rutherford Road, Taylors, SC.


Atlanta International School in Atlanta, Ga.

Adding a Mandarin immersion program 2018-2019


The Peregrine School

Davis, Calif.

Adding a Mandarin immersion program 2018-2019


New address for the District of Columbia International School, 6 – 12 grades,

The Parks at Walter Reed, 1400 Main Drive NW, Washington, DC 20012.


Polis World School

New Mandarin immersion private school opening in Manhattan, potentially 2018-2019.



Flushing Heights PS 163 in New York City no longer offers a Mandarin immersion program.

Alfred Smith PS1 in Manhattan no longer offers a Mandarin immersion program. It may have been a bilingual program, but is no longer offered.

David Boody Intermediate School 228 in New York City. At one time it was on the list of schools the New York Dept. of Education said had a Mandarin immersion program, however there is nothing now on the school’s website that would indicate it has one.

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