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Arizona students receive their Chinese names in special ceremony

October 24, 2018
Brochure for the Cave Creek Unified School District’s Chinese Immersion program.

Most Mandarin programs have a special ceremony for the day when students receive their Chinese names. It’s very sweet and something of a tradition in many schools, marking when you really enter into Chinese culture. And of course kids who already have Chinese names are also included in the ceremony.

From: The Sonoran News

CCUSD kindergartners receive an official Chinese name

It is never too early to prepare American students for the global economy! Kindergartners in the Cave Creek Unified School District’s Chinese Immersion program received their official, lifelong Chinese name during a celebratory naming ceremony.  From this point forward, these 5-6 year olds will use their Chinese name when they are on the Chinese classroom side of the program (50% of the school day).

World Language Program Coordinator, Cristina Ladas, often hears students calling each other by their Chinese name on the playground, “It very much becomes a part of their identity when they are exposed at such a young age.”  Cave Creek Unified School District has placed an emphasis on developing language proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French from PreK-12th grade as a way of building better critical thinkers, ready to tackle the world!

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