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NanHai books closing in Northern California

December 1, 2018

For many of us with children in Chinese immersion programs in the San Francisco area, NanHai was our go-to bookstore for Chinese books, available in both traditional and simplified characters. Over time, catalog and then online sales made the pleasant trip down to the store less necessary. Clearly we weren’t the only ones. Sad to see them go, but glad that their reading program will continue.

  • Beth
NanHai Books is Saying Goodbye,
iChineseReader is Saying Hi
Dear valued customers,
We are here announcing the termination of our distribution business of all print editions of Chinese language education resources we carry.
Established 25 years ago in 1993 in anticipation of the forthcoming tsunamic upsurge of Chinese language education in the US, Nan Hai Books has witnessed the glorious path of growth of US Chinese education from virtually non-existent in primary and secondary schools and an insignificant minor of the less commonly taught languages in colleges into one of the most popular foreign languages included in both SAT II and AP Tests. At the same time, Nan Hai Books has grown from a local bookstore into the biggest Chinese Language education resources center in the nation.
In the current digital and AI age, Chinese language education is confronted with similar tsunamic challenges and opportunities as it was 25 years ago. While terminating our distribution of print books, we are transforming into a digital content publisher and solution provider.
We apologize for all the inconveniences this may cause you and appreciate your support all along! We also expect your continued support and join hands with us in blazing a successful new trail in this new age!
For more info, please contact us: 408-380-8088.
iChineseReader专注服务于中文作为第二语言教学。它以中文阅读为本,以科学分级为纲,为全球中小学(K-12) 所有类型的中文项目提供量体裁衣的在线中文阅读文本。平台目前有20个级别的3000多本互动性读物,且长期保持每周上新的节奏!


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