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Los Angeles Mandarin immersion program starts into high school next year

February 24, 2019

I’ll admit to getting almost misty-eyed about this one. I first talked to the fantastic principal at Broadway Elementary in Los Angeles not long after their program began. And now those little first graders are heading to high school next year. Kudos to Susan Wang for her foresight all those years ago and her perseverance in the face of not a few hurdles put up by her own school district!


Upcoming Dual Language Immersion Program

From: the Oarsman

First LAUSD high school to offer immersion courses in both Mandarin and Spanish


Parents attend an informational session about the upcoming program.

Venice High School will be the first high school in LAUSD’s District West to offer two languages as part of a  Dual Language Immersion Program in the Fall of 2019. Students in the program will be taught two of their six classes in either Spanish or Mandarin.

“I’m very excited to have this new program,” Principal Gabriel Griego said. “It will increase enrollment and it’s great to have this program in addition to our three academies and two magnets.”

Please read more here.

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