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Mandarin sleep away camp in Taiwan

March 15, 2019

Update: I’ll be meeting in San Francisco with the owner of the SkyKids Taiwan camp this weekend. If anyone has questions, please send them on to me.



Sky Kids is a Taiwanese-run summer program that takes place in San Francisco for  students from China and Taiwan.  Several high school students from the San Francisco Public Schools Mandarin immersion program work there as counselors, so I’ve been hearing about it for a few years now. Local Mandarin immersion families also sometimes host kids coming over, as a way for their children to get a chance to hang out with a Chinese speaker in the summer. 

This year, for the first time, Sky Kids is doing the reverse — a summer camp in Taiwan for English-speaking students who want to immerse themselves in Chinese. At least two San Francisco Mandarin immersion high school students are going over to Taiwan to work in the camp this summer (I know both kids, and their families, and they’re great.)

That said, I’ve never had a child attend the camp and therefore can’t vouch for it. But I thought it might be of interest to families with children in Mandarin immersion. – Beth

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 7.46.49 PM

2019 Sky Kids Mandarin Immersion Camps @ Taiwan

After 5 years of running our own Mandarin camps and enrichment programs in San Francisco, we are ready to take Mandarin Immersion and Cultural Exchange to the next level in 2019!


1) Provide a culturally immersive environment for students to learn and practice Mandarin with local children and teachers.

2) Continue to provide fun and effective ways to learn and practice Mandarin!


1) Setup school-year programs with K-6th grade schools in the greater Taipei area that allow foreign students to attend classes alongside local Taiwanese students.

2) Work with local schools in the greater Taipei area that will offer their own Summer Camps.


1) Similar learning framework and method as that of Sky Kids (i.e. project-based, fun, and interactive learning).

2) Public/private schools with quality programs in the greater Taipei area, instruction in Mandarin only (no bi-lingual or international schools).

Local Support

1) For parents who are traveling with students joining our program in Taiwan, you will have access to local customer support to help answer questions related to travel, food, living, and/or local activities for parents and kids.

2) Students that are 9 or older can opt for our homestay add-on package. Our host families are reviewed and selected by us, just like in San Francisco, and some of them have also attended in our San Francisco-based Sky Kids camps. (N.B. Parents cannot stay with host families but you are welcome to visit them!).

More info here.

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