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Families commute from North Dakota to Wyoming for Mandarin immersion

July 5, 2019

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What stands out to me in this article is a side note pretty far down, about what some families are willing to do to get  immersion:

“The only difficulty is when students move away,” he said. “When, say, a fourth grader leaves, we can’t just put another kid in that classroom. They wouldn’t understand what was going on. But a lot of parents really love the program. We’ve had a family alternate weeks between here and North Dakota because they wanted their kid to stay involved in the program.”

From: Oil City News


Paradise Elementary students [in Casper, Wyoming] are preparing their performances for the Chinese New Year Friday, January 25.

The students will be at the Nicolaysen Art Museum on the following Friday, February 1 to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. This year’s animal: the pig.

Fourth graders were crowded into the gym on Friday, preparing music and dance for their performance. They’ll put their efforts on display at PV on January 31 before the school heads over to the Nic for their February 1 activities. PV’s Chinese New Year celebration at the Nic will help raise funds for a student trip to China and the Nic. There will be performances, a cultural presentation, art sale, raffles, traditional Chinese crafts plus food and drink.


Please read more here.

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