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Immersion growing in southern California

August 30, 2019

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This is a general article about language immersion programs in southern California, but it gives a nice overview. Some interesting tidbits:

  • Anaheim Elementary School District has at least one language immersion class in each of its 23 campuses. Currently that’s 22 Spanish programs and one Korean.
  • About 2% of all Los Angeles Unified School District students are in an immersion program, 13,000 out of 647,000.
  • This is happening in part because in 2016 voters approved Prop. 58, which repealed the infamous Prop. 227, which mandated “English-only” instruction in public schools.

Schools are teaching kids in Korean, Arabic, French as dual immersion programs expand beyond Spanish

Region that once pushed ‘English only’ today is ground zero for bilingual education

From: The Press-Telegram

In Maritza Bermudez’s home, the goal has been to speak Spanish as much as possible. But starting next school year, Korean will be thrown into the mix.

Bermudez, who lives in Anaheim, is enrolling one of her children in a Korean/English language immersion program – the first of its kind in Orange County and part of a growing trend throughout Southern California.

“We know it’s going to be challenging,” Bermudez said. “But being trilingual is being a step ahead.”

While a new group of kindergarteners, including Bermudez’s son, will be learning their ABC’s in English and Korean, others in the Anaheim Elementary School District will be learning in Spanish and English.

The district will be the first in Orange County, and possibly the state, to offer language immersion programs for at least one class on all of its 23 campuses in the new school year: Korean-English at Jefferson Elementary and Spanish-English everywhere else.

Meanwhile, the idea of teaching in two languages is gaining traction, nationally and in Southern California. Smaller districts, such as Anaheim Elementary, are joined in the trend by some of California’s biggest school districts, such as Los Angeles Unified and Riverside Unified, both of which are expanding their dual-language options.

Please read more here.

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