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Mandarin program saved in Delaware after referendum win

June 12, 2020

Good news from Delaware. I posted about the difficult decisions they were facing there last week here.

Christina School Board moves to restore teacher jobs, sports and more after referendum win

Natalia Alamdari Delaware News Journal

Following a successful referendum on Tuesday, the Christina School Board took the initial steps Wednesday night to restore program and teaching cuts made in May. 

The board directed district leadership to immediately begin recalling recently laid off teachers, move forward in restoring all academic and extracurricular programs that were cut in May, and determine if any lapsed temporary teaching contracts could be restored. 

On Tuesday night, all four sections of the referendum passed with roughly two-thirds of voter support. 

Had the referendum failed, the district would have faced a nearly $10 million budget deficit. In May, the board made preemptive cuts to 136 teaching positions, all sports, several parts of the music department, student clubs and student programs like Chinese immersion and the gifted program. 

Please read more here.

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