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Five benefits of learning a new language

February 3, 2021

From: WRAL Digital Solutions

 Participate Learning.

A diorama of a volcano from a Mandarin immersion school student.

While learning a new language can be challenging at any age, studies have shown the earlier a person learns a new language, the easier it will be. Additionally, research shows bilingual people have an easier time with several key brain functions such as reading comprehension, understanding math concepts and using logic.

Whether you’re studying Spanish, French, Mandarin or Arabic, learning a new language can simultaneously enhance the mind in other areas. The following are proven benefits of learning a new language beyond bilingualism that may inspire you to enroll your child in dual language immersion.

1. Increased academic performance

2. Opens up new opportunities

3. Cultivates cultural awareness

4. Improves mental health

5. Enhanced communication & problem solving skills

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