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Some great Mandarin family-friendly movies and dramas to watch

July 11, 2021

Most of us with students in Mandarin immersion can’t read to our kids in Chinese, or play games with them in Chinese or do much beyond making sure they do their homework.

Thankfully, a whole raft of movies are now available in Mandarin, making “Mandarin movie night” a much easier thing than it was even five hears ago.

Here’s a nicely curated list of family-friendly movies that are either in Mandarin or have Mandarin dubbing available. Generally speaking Mandarin subtitles aren’t so helpful for kids because they just listen in English. Though playing a movie in Mandarin and having the subtitles going is a nice way to reinforce characters.

You can also play the movie in Mandarin with English subtitles, which the parents read while the kids listen (though this depends on how fast your kids read.)

These come from the mom at the Mama Baby Mandarin website.

20+ Family-friendly movies to watch in Mandarin Chinese

And here are a bunch of Mandarin dramas that are more for grown-ups, but would give you a nice sense of contemporary life in China, and you can watch them with subtitles. They might also be appropriate for high school students.

22 Binge-worthy Mandarin dramas to watch now

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  1. July 11, 2021 9:34 pm

    Nice suggestions!! Another one we’re really enjoying is “Star of Tomorrow” series ….. it’s remakes of Chinese classics like like Mulan, The Red Chamber, Monkey King, etc with child actors aged 5 to 12. Great way to inspire kids to want to speak Mandarin. Most of the musical selections are western (think Titanic, Sister Act), so parents will get the drift and a few good laughs 🙂

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