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Phoenix shuts down Mandarin immersion program after six years

August 7, 2021

This is what it looks like when the district closes your immersion program – this used to be the page on the Cave Creek Unified School District that proudly proclaimed its Mandarin immersion program.

By Justin Lum May 12, 2021 FOX 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX – Parents of students enrolled in a special ‘Mandarin Immersion Program’ offered by the Cave Creek Unified School District are not happy, as the program is expected to get cut by the district due to budgetary reasons.

There are three different World Language Programs in the district, but only Mandarin Chinese is being cut. Parents are upset because they say they are not getting any transparency from the district’s new superintendent, Dr. Cort Monroe, who started his role earlier in 2021.

Please see more here.

More on the closure and another article here.

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