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5 Q Channel Mandarin reading site gets a new look

August 18, 2011
Just got this email from our friends in Taiwan who produce a Mandarin reading site. They’ve updated the site, making it easier for parents who don’t read Chinese to navigate.
The 5QChannel website has new design. Please check the URL:
There are only four stories on the first page. They are all free for now. There is no need to have a membership to view them. Welcome every one to preview them.
This is only a test page. We will make more changes in the future.
The new design include the following features:
  1. Simplified Chinese stories’ audio recorded from China.
  2. English animation has english audio. This will help parents to know what’s the stories are.
  3. New 5QBook design offer reader to read along with the stories. This is a page by page audio picture book. There are interactions inside 5QBook for reader to learn Chinese words.
  4. New webpage design help reader to find the target animation easily.
  5. Tell reader what level the story is.

We do hope to hear from you about our new english website.

Please feel free to tell your member and tell us how do they feel about it.
I have decided to add Chinese learning materials besides animations into our website in the near future.
Will mail you for reference at the first time.
I do hope these change can offer parents in the US a chance to learn Chinese together with their child with less pain.
Thank you all for your support.
Best regards,
Tseng Jr-Shi
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  1. Tseng Jr-Shi permalink
    September 1, 2011 12:40 am

    What’s new on 5QChannel:

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