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For Mandarin teachers in the San Francisco Bay area

August 19, 2011
Dear Colleagues,
As the summer comes to an end, and students return to schools, it is once again time to think about professional development.  On behalf of the Confucius Institute at SF State , this is our second announcement to invite you to join us for this series of workshops on Chinese teaching. I personally hope that you will be able to come for one or two workshops and meet with Dr. Maske in person. Should you have any questions, please let me know.
Best regards,
Jiaxin Xie
Confucius Institute at SF State
1600 Holloway Ave., Burk Hall 325
San Francisco, CA 94132
Tel: 415-405-2868 Fax: 415-405-2866


热烈欢迎 修华静 教授应邀前来湾区主讲中文教学系列专题讲座






Dr. Huajing Xiu Maske

DirectorConfucius Institute at the University of Kentucky

Associate ProfessorCollege of Education  


She received her Ph.D. in Chinese Art History from Oxford University, England, her MA in International Cultural Exchange from Peking University, and her BA in English Literature from the University of International Relations, Beijing, China.


Dr. Maske taught Asian Art History and Chinese Culture and Language at Simmons College, Boston. In addition, over a period of fifteen years, she developed and taught courses on teaching about China for K-12 teachers. In 2000, she founded and developed Massachusetts’ first public school Mandarin Chinese language program. In November 2005, her Chinese program was featured on the television news show ABC World News Tonight. It has also been covered in U.S. newspapers such as the Boston Globe.


Dr. Maske’s research interest focuses on art education and the establishment of Chinese art institutions in China in early twentieth century. Other subjects of intense interest are developing new Chinese language pedagogy in K-12 classrooms, and methodological innovations such as utilizing Chinese art to facilitate the teaching of Chinese language, culture and history.




专题一 (Workshop One)

Chinese Language Teaching

Approaches and Methods That Work for American School Students


Time: Saturday, Oct. 1st, 2011 10:00 AM -12: 00 PM

                Place: Hum 115, SFSU, 1600 Holloway Ave San Francisco CA94132



Teaching in American public schools can be challenging because the American students are used to various active class routines.  In order to sustain students’ focus and their interest in Chinese language, teachers must move away from traditional methods of language instruction and be creative. In this presentation, I will introduce a series of practical and useful methods that will engage students. These methods include classroom activities, Chinese language games that are adopted from American games that American students are familiar with and how to get supports from parents and the teachers in your Chinese language teaching. Participants will be able to use all of the methods immediately in their day-to-day classroom teaching.


Easy–to-do Classroom Chinese Arts and Crafts


One of the ways to grasp students’ attention and to sustain students’ interests in Chinese language is to integrate some of the Chinese language classes with attractive, easy–to-do Chinese arts and crafts. Students will be able to produce some of the works that they are proud of, and in the process of making the works, they understand certain aspects of Chinese culture. In this workshop, the presenter will demonstrate and will work with each participant on how to make several arts and crafts that are very popular among American students and Chinese teachers. Participants will have the hands-on opportunity to make these crafts in the workshop and will be able to reproduce them in their classrooms with their own students.


专题二 Workshop Two



Time: Sunday, Oct. 2nd,, 2011 10:00 AM -12: 00 PM

Place:  Board Room of Campbell Union High School District

3235 Union Avenue. San Jose, CA  95124


            如何把中文教学和中国文化融合到美国K-12的日常教学大纲中这种做法比在上汉语课的同时教中国文化走得深入一些, 做到在美国K-12学校中既有正常的汉语课, 同时,在每一个年级的不同学科的教学大纲中选出能与中国文化,语言和历史相关的题目,在美国老师教美国课程的同时, 中文老师把相关的中国的文化,历史融合进去,学生在学美国历史,文化, 科学,数学的同时,也学到了中国的历史和文化。但是这种做法需要我们的汉语教师有很深的中国文化的功底而且了解美国的教学大纲。 我们将以一个学校的实例来证明这种做法的可行性, 如何挑选可以渗入美国教学课程的题目,和美国classroom teachers 对这种把汉语和中国文化穿插到美国教学大纲中的做法的肯定和欢迎。

            想把汉语和中国文化在美国学校中扎根, 关键在于把中国的文化,语言和历史贯通到美国教学大纲中,因为美国的学校现在也提倡各个不同学科贯穿教学,这样学生可以横向地掌握知识;只有把中文和中国文化贯穿到美国的教学大纲中,中文教学才能得以站住脚,不至于因为美国的教育经费削减而砍掉汉语课程。


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                                    Confucius Institute at SF State                                      

                                    San Francisco State University                                                              

                                    1600 Holloway Avenue, Burk Hall 325                                                                           San Francisco, CA 94132

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