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Get ready for summer and some reading in Mandarin

May 10, 2012

As the school years nears its end, it’s time to start thinking about various ways to keep your kids listening to and reading in Mandarin over the summer.

Once again the folks at 5Q Channel in Taiwan are making available a special ‘parents’ rate for their web site, which offers illustrated stories with the Mandarin in characters (simplified and traditional are both available) and the stories are also read aloud.
It’s a great site if you don’t read Mandarin yourself, because it reads stories to your kids.
They also have  iPad apps available.
To get the $30 yearly rate, log in here:

Another good site is out of Silicon Valley, called ChildRoad. It’s a a read-and-listen library of stories in Mandarin.
Both are great ways to make sure your child keeps up with Mandarin over the summer. When my kids want to go online, I tell them “Sure, but only if it’s one of these sites.”
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