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High school six-week program in China

January 9, 2014
This is a program done by the same folks who put together a yearly Chinese language teaching conference in San Francisco.
CLERC-PKU Summer Chinese Language Program 2014
Special Offer for Group Registrations (5 or More)
Academically intensive while extremely fun! With 20 years’ excellence, our CLERC-PKU Summer Chinese Language Program is growing ever stronger. Since 1994, CLERC-PKU Summer Program has become one of the most popular study abroad summer language programs in the United States, and participants are from all over the world. The six-week (July 7 –August 15, 2014) intensive Mandarin Chinese learning program is tailored to high school seniors and college students who wish to learn and improve Chinese language quickly, and to better understand Chinese culture.
In our program, your students are not only learning Chinese, they are actually using it all the time. They are not only tasting the Chinese culture, they are understanding it. They don’t need to imagine what current China looks like anymore because finally, they are living in it! This is a serious intensive academic program and qualified participants can earn up to 6 semester or 9 quarter college foreign language credits. For detailed program info and online application, please check our program webpage:
In honor of our 20th anniversary, CLECK will provide group applicants Nanhai Book Store gift cards for the very first time: $300/each, 5 or more accepted applicants from one public school/school district. Any questions? Please feel free to contact our program management team. Email:; Phone: (408) 380-8088
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