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In Illinois, Chinese doesn’t stop just because it’s summer

July 28, 2014

District 220 Brings Chinese Culture to 60010 Students

A successful Chinese Cultural Summer Camp was held in collaboration with the Taipei Economic Cultural Office for over 50 students in the 60010 area.

Barrington 220, together with the Taipei Economic Cultural Office in Chicago, hosted a Chinese Folk Arts Summer Camp at Rose Elementary School in South Barrington.

Open to any student from Kindergarten to 5th grade, the week-long program taught students about the Chinese culture. Through the hands on activities, the students learned about the language and the traditional forms of Chinese folk art.

Over 50 students enrolled in the camp and while most were from the Barrington Area, one student came over from France to take part!

On the last day, family and friends were invited to a cultural exhibition program where the students showed off what they had learned all week. Dances included the WeiZu Plate dance and Atayel Tribal Dance.

The Atayel tribe is based in Taiwan and created ink based tattoos. Other arts featured wereChinese Acrobatics with hula-hoops, flags and balancing plates, Lucky Paper Cutting (with help from some VIP guests) and a tribute to the Chinese New Year with a twin dragon dance.
The twin dragon dance is not frequently performed due to the complexity of it’s moves, but the young students did a great job! The teaching assistants and parents also got involved at the end and joined in with the dances.

A very successful summer camp opportunity, educating interested students in the Barrington 220 area.

Please see more here.

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