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New Mandarin immersion parents group on Facebook

August 27, 2014

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Mandarin Immersion Parents Support is a Facebook group for current and incoming parents of Mandarin Immersion (MI) programs throughout the United States.

The group provides a forum for parents to share information and find support relating to Mandarin Immersion programs, Chinese language study, and dual language education.

By having a national group, we hope to draw on more people for resources and ways to help our children in their study of Chinese, to assist parents in making connections ahead of family moves, and for school groups to organize for state-level and national advocacy for Mandarin Immersion.

It is a private group and postings on the group represent parents’ views only; they do not represent any school’s opinion nor are they endorsed by any school.

To join, visit “About” section the Mandarin Immersion Parents Support group page ( and send a message to the group administrator.

If you’re more an email list type of person, there’s a national group for Mandarin immersion parents on Yahoo:

And if you’re an organizer of a group that supports your local Mandarin immersion program (for example Portland’s Shu Ren group or the Utah Mandarin Immersion Parent Council, there’s a group where youc an share tips about organizing, fundraising, etc. It’s at



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