The Menlo Park City School Board this week unanimously rejected a petition to establish a charter school where the core curriculum would be taught in Mandarin.

In its decision Wednesday night, the school board cited the findings in a 56-page report that concluded the proposed Menlo Mandarin Immersion Charter School “does not appear to be demonstrably likely to succeed.”

The report, released Sunday by a group of Menlo Park City School District administrators and consultants, evaluated the charter’s proposed curriculum, governing structure, staffing and finances, among other components.

District parent Carol Cunningham, who has led the charter school initiative and acted as its spokesperson, said after the meeting that she and the other founders “need to regroup” before deciding what do do next, if anything.

It can appeal to the San Mateo County Board of Education, and if rejected there could ask the California Department of Education to authorize the school.

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