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Palo Alto Mandarin immersion program to expand to middle school

February 12, 2015

Currently students just go through 5th grade and then have to wait until high school to take Mandarin again, when they enter into the same non-immerson system used for students not coming from immersion. Not ideal.

Palo Alto school board backs Mandarin immersion program expansion

Jordan Middle School could host new pilot program

Palo Alto school board members agreed Tuesday night that expanding an elementary school Mandarin immersion program to Jordan Middle School – filling a hole in the district in Mandarin instruction between elementary and high schools — is a common-sense decision that they support.

Staff brought a proposal to the board to begin a pilot expansion of Ohlone Elementary School’s popular Mandarin immersion program at Jordan this fall. The Ohlone program began in the fall of 2008 with 40 students and steadily grew to its targeted size of 124 by the 2012-2013 school year.

“We have all these kids, our warm bodies, in elementary school,” said board vice president Heidi Emberling. “A bridge is needed.”

Please read more here.

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