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Language immersion schools flourish in D.C

June 13, 2015

Language immersion schools flourish in D.C.

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LANGUAGE IMMERSION: Demand for language immersion programs are high in D.C., as evidenced by the long wait list.

By Moriah Costa |

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Snippets of French, Mandarin, English and Spanish can be heard throughout the classrooms and hallways of D.C. International Public Charter School.

A group of middle schoolers speak in Spanish as they learn geography, while next door students practice their French.

“At DCI we really think it’s important to learn a language and to be internationally (aware),” said Monona, a sixth grade student who is learning Chinese.

Monona is an ambassador for the school and gives me a tour of the building as she explains how students are immersed in one of three different languages.

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