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A remarkable multi-media work on adoption from China

June 18, 2015

I know we have many families formed through adoption who read this blog, so I wanted to make you aware of a wonderful and very deeply reported work about adoptees returning to China.

Please see the site here.

Touching Home in China

A Transmedia Work in Progress

Touching Home Chinese V clear

What happens when American teenagers adopted from China return to the farming towns where they were abandoned as babies, meet girls their age who were raised there, and learn from them what it’s like to grow up female in rural 21st century China?

Find out in this first-of-its-kind story about growing up as a girl —and becoming a young woman — in rural China. Chinese and American girls whose lives began in the same towns, then diverged dramatically due to international adoption, narrate a journey of discovery. Through transmedia storytelling, the girls’ encounters emerge from pages of an interactive digital book and expand across multiple digital platforms. Seamlessly told and elegantly designed, Touching Home in China: in search of missing girlhoods portrays this rare cross-cultural story with video taken of the girls — and shot by the girls — in farming towns in China. Added to this video are photo galleries, informational graphics, touch-to-reveal maps and scroll-through documents revealing layers of the girls’ shared experiences. Narrative text weaves their improbable journey together.

This iBook’s character-driven pilot chapter tells the story of the American girls arriving in their “hometowns” in rural China and meeting girls who grew up there. It is available as a complimentary download on the iBooks Store. In September 2015, Touching Home in China will be launched as an interactive girl-to-girl exploration with global reach.

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