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Marshfield, WI seeks to attract Chinese high school students

July 28, 2015

This is a fascinating trend. I presume the high school is not overcrowded, and presumably this brings in money, as well as adding an interesting cultural experience for the high school students.  I keep saying there’s an opportunity for someone to create an immersion boarding school for English and Chinese-speaking students in the U.S., though I’m not sure how the Chinese families would feel about having their kids take any classes in Chinese.

The Marshfield School District is working to develop a program for Chinese students to attend the high school for the 2016-2017 school year.

Through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin, the Marshfield School District plans to develop a program for Chinese students to pay tuition to attend classes and graduate from Marshfield High School, said Mike Nicksic, an assistant principal at the school who is involved in the immersion program. Following graduation, the Chinese students could qualify to attend college at the University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood County.

Marshfield’s sky of stars surprises Chinese students
Liz Welter, News-Herald Media 4:22 p.m. CDT July 27, 2015

MARSHFIELD – The glow of the nighttime sky with its vast array of twinkling stars is a new sight for the 16 teenage students from China who are participating this summer in an English immersion program at Marshfield High School.

“We don’t see stars,” said Zhang Le Tao, 17, who prefers the nickname George. The air and light pollution in his home city create a haze so the stars aren’t visible, he said.

His hometown in southeastern China, Zhiangjiagang, has about 1.3 million people, plus skyscrapers and heavy vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

“The environment here (is) very nice,” George said while he and the students were at the district’s school forest Friday. George looked up to the sky and said, “Very blue. Clouds very white. Not like China. Here, the air (is) fresh.”

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