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Please take a survey on culture and race at Chinese immersion schools

March 9, 2016

From our friends over at PAASSC, Parents of African American Students Studying Chinese. The survey is for families of all ethnicities and races, please take part!


  • Equity and Inclusion Workshop
  • Brainstorming with Mandarin Immersion Administrators
  • Developing Collaboratives!

We need you to join our efforts to gather information around issues of equity and inclusion at Chinese Immersion school sites. Our findings will be presented at the National Chinese Language Conference in Chicago later this year – Building Partnerships with Underrepresented Populations @ Chinese Immersion School Sites.

We are looking for parents of all ethnic groups that have a child currently or recently enrolled at a Chinese Immersion school site to participate. The number of CI school sites in the U.S. is growing exponentially. And yet there are many components around equity and inclusion that require a different lens to better ensure that the students are receiving culturally competent curricula at CI school site. We are looking to document how schools are doing that well, where they have room to grow and what patterns exist on a national level.

This is the first of many surveys we will pose to families over the next few years so we will definitely be making updates and corrections over time to our surveys and the manner in which we are gathering information.

This information will be presented to teachers and administrators at the National Chinese Language Conference in Chicago. This will be our second time presenting our findings to the NCLC. We are also working closely with administrators here in the Bay Area in outlining tangible goals and outcomes to assist in the development of equitable and inclusive classrooms for all students at Chinese Immersion school sites. We want everyone to have a voice in this process.

WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!! Each parent’s journey is different based on their school culture, geographic region, and school structure. Please take the lengthy 20 minutes to assist us by completing this survey.

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