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A conference for middle school and beyond @ UCLA

March 15, 2016


UCLA Confucius Institute and UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies present:
The Policy and Practice of Dual Immersion: Planning for the Secondary Years
Registration Deadline: May 1
Join us to exchange ideas with educators, researchers, school administrators, and policy makers facing the challenges of implementing dual immersion programs at the secondary level.
Our goal is to provide an immediate plan of action for educators facing the challenges of implementing dual immersion programs for student populations aging into the secondary level. Through current research and advocacy for new or improved policy, conference participants can serve as catalysts for change in dual immersion education.
Conference topics will include
  • Teacher recruitment and preparation pipelines
  • Curriculum development needs and existing resources
  • Professional development for teachers and administrators
  • Administrative infrastructure, credentialing, and program policy (state and district)
  • Demographics and policy implications
Amado Padilla, professor of Developmental and Psychological Sciences in Education at Stanford, will deliver the keynote presentation. Additional presentations will include an overview of the current state of bilingual education in California by UCLA Professor of Education and UCLA Civil Rights Project Co-Director Patricia Gándara. The 100K Strong Foundation will introduce President Obama’s 1 Million Strong Initiative to expand the number of U.S. students studying Mandarin to 1,000,000 by 2020. In addition, Ann Tollefson, national language consultant, Jennifer Li of the Rand Corporation, and Steve Zimmer of Los Angeles Unified School District will discuss teacher recruitment and preparation. Gregg Roberts of the Utah State Office of Education, James Orihuela of Long Beach Unified School District, and Iman Hashem of the California World Language Project will discuss successful dual-immersion program models and existing resources. Jan Gustafson-Corea of the California Association of Bilingual Education and Elena Fajardo of the California Department of Education will round out the day with discussion of state and district policies and ramifications for new policy.
Note that conference time and location are subject to change in the upcoming weeks
Saturday, May 14
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Reception and networking event 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Please check back prior to the conference for information about arrival and parking
Please contact Prof. Alison Bailey with any questions.
Attendees must register by May 1, 2016. Registration fee is $25.
Click here to register.
Annamarie Francois – Executive Director, UCLA Center X
Jan Gustafson-Corea – CEO, California Association for Bilingual Education
Jianjun Hu – Visiting Faculty, UCLA Confucius Institute and UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
Jody Priselac – Associate Dean for Community Programs, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
Christine Shen – Director, UCLA TIE-INS Project
Norma Silva – Principal, UCLA Lab School
Susan Wang – Principal, Broadway Elementary School, LAUSD
Brandon Zaslow – Director, California World Language Project
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