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St. Paul, Minn. Mandarin immersion school expanding

May 2, 2016

Yinghua Academy expansion underway

September 18, 2013

Susan Berg (Photo by Gain Olson)

Northeast resident and parent Jennifer Shadowens said that her two children giggle when she tries to speak Chinese to them.

Both youngsters are students at Yinghua Academy, a K-8 Chinese immersion public charter school at 1616 Buchanan St. NE. Shadowens, who is Yinghua’s board chair, said she doesn’t mind when her attempts to replicate the language’s tonal sounds amuse her kids.

“It’s empowering for them to be experts at something.” She added that she and her husband—who met in a Greek language class in Athens—resolved that their children would learn another language when they were young. “The program has helped them be successful. It makes learning a language a way of life. Now they want to learn Spanish and Nepali. I love it that my kids think it’s normal.”

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