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Korea looks to creating Mandarin immersion schools

August 30, 2016

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[from the YonHap News Agency]

Diversity in public schools

Korea’s elementary and secondary schools have been lacking in globalization efforts. A couple of recent cases shows that Korean adolescents may get more chances to learn about the merits of diversity and embrace multiculturalism in their formative years.

The Seoul City education office announced last week that it will pursue the establishment of “international elementary schools,” offering Chinese immersion programs at schools located in parts of Seoul with a growing Chinese-speaking population. The education office has chosen Youngil Elementary School in Guro and Daedong Elementary School in Yeongdeungpo to try out the Chinese immersion program. These two schools offer regular classes and extra-curricular activities in both Korean and Chinese. The education office is aiming to establish the two schools as international elementary schools by 2018.

Whether this plan will become a reality is uncertain. Currently, the law governing the establishment of elementary and secondary schools does not allow an international educational curriculum at elementary schools. So a legislative revision will be necessary to establish an international elementary school. At the middle school level, there are four international schools.

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