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£17,000-a-year for Mandarin immersion in London

November 26, 2017

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OCTOBER 7, 2017

From the Financial Times

By Joshua Chaffin in London

As a girl growing up in an English-speaking household in Singapore, Prema Gurunathan grudgingly studied Mandarin. Now a mother in west London, she is taking no chances with her own son. When he turned one Ms Gurunathan insisted their household in Hammersmith speak Mandarin for half of each week. She recruited an au pair from east Asia (she prefers not to say exactly where, for fear of tipping off the competition).

And last month, she and her husband enrolled the three-and-a-half year-old at Kensington Wade in London, Britain’s first primary school to offer full Mandarin immersion for its pupils. “It’s intellectual, it’s cultural and it’s ‘future-proofing’, if you will,” said Ms Gurunathan, a self-confessed “tiger mom” and policy wonk, explaining her school choice. “And it’s fun.”

“Chinese and [computer] code — those are the two languages as far as I’m concerned!” Sir Martin declared, offering assurance to the gaggle of parents that the £17,000-a-year tuition they had shelled out for at the newly opened school was money well spent.

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