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Got a Canadian work visa? They need Mandarin teachers in Vancouver

August 4, 2018

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My favorite city in North America (and that’s saying a lot as I come from Seattle) is Vancouver, B.C. Would that I spoke Mandarin, was a teacher and had a work visa.

Given as none of those things are true, I put this out to the universe of Mandarin-speaking teachers who might have (or know people who have) Canadian work visas.

The Mandarin-immersion program in Vancouver B.C. (not to be confused with the one in Vancouver, Washington) is hiring one to three teachers. You can see their job description here.

The program begins at Norquay and Jamison Elementary schools. It continues at Windermere Secondary School.

Here’s an article about the program.  And a brochure for Jamison.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why, with 43% of the population having Asian heritage, there aren’t more. The closest city to Vancouver in terms of having an Asian population is San Francisco, where we are 33% Asian. And San Francisco has nine public Chinese immersion schools (five Cantonese, four Mandarin) and three private, all Mandarin immersion.

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