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Number of California dual-language immersion schools to double by 2020

August 17, 2018

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From Global California 2030, a report written by the Communications and English Learner Support Divisions, California Department of Education.

Dual-language immersion programs most frequently use English and Spanish. But California also has programs that offer English/ Mandarin, English/Korean, English/Vietnamese, and English/ Portuguese, to name a few.

These programs, beginning in kindergarten, deliver instruction in both English and another language. Typically, they start with the majority of instruction in the other language and less in English. Gradually, instruction is half in each language, giving students uency in two languages. Students typically stay in the program throughout elementary school.

Researchers have found these programs to be extremely bene cial to students, helping them learn all subjects while also giving them the tools to more easily acquire a third language.

Requests by parents for these programs are already on the rise, especially since the passage of Proposition 58 removed barriers to setting up these programs. As part of Global California 2030, we are striving for even more dramatic growth, with the goal of quadrupling the number of programs from 407 in 2017 to 1,600 in 2030.

Of course, vastly expanding the number of students who speak two or more languages will require more teachers and more programs to train those teachers. In 2016, California had 30 state-approved programs. By 2030, we want that number to grow to 100.

More bilingual teachers means that every school where parents want a program will have teachers with the high levels of academic language skill and authorization to teach in the two languages. By 2030, we want to double the number of teachers authorized to teach two languages.

More language classes means parents who want particular types of programs or courses for their child will have access to them.

To read the full report, please click here.

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