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Meanwhile, in Singapore…

April 18, 2020


As we’re all sheltering in place and trying to tele-school our kids, here’s a story from a few months ago about what Mandarin immersion looks like in Singapore.

While students who come from Mandarin-speaking families study Mandarin in school as a class, but the kind of immersion we have in the U.S. isn’t a part of the public school system there. Here’s a preschool that costs about $21,000 US a year.

Also, “kiasu” is a Singaporean word that means “the fear of missing out” but often gets applied to parents anxious that their kids have the most chance and options by pushing them into lots of extracurricular activities or studies.

A Silicon Valley-inspired, S$30,000 per year preschool is opening in Funan mall – and it’s promising to teach toddlers 21st century skills like coding and ‘grit’

From: Business Insider

Kiasu parents, at the ready: an exclusive preschool in Singapore is promising to teach your precious tots soft skills like grit, adaptability and empathy to survive the digital age.

Trehaus preschool, which accepts children between 2 months and 6 years old, will start its first intake of students in September, it said on Wednesday (Sept 11).

It costs S$2,568 per month for a full-day programme and S$2,354 for a half-day programme.

Please read more here.

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