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Centner Academy in Miami is not a Mandarin immersion school

May 2, 2021

Centner Academy in Miami has been much in the news of late after reports surfaced that the private school refused to hire anyone who had gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, with the school’s owner falsely claiming being around vaccinated adults might harm children.

That’s quite simply untrue.

Unfortunately, a previous version of the Mandarin immersion school list included Centner Academy as offering a Mandarin immersion program.

When the school first launched in 2020, it took over from the Metropolitan International School, a private school which focused on languages and served many international students.

Earlier versions of the Centner Academy website made it seem as if Mandarin would be integral to the curriculum.

However it is clear the school has gone in an exceedingly different direction and is in no way, shape or form an immersion school.

We regret the error.

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