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Can immersion schools help with the American dream?

December 21, 2022

This is a post from MassINC, a Massachusetts non-profit made up of civic and business leaders seeking to provide “accurate, thorough, and unbiased data to inform policymaking.” Their goal is to produce public policy research focused on building ladders to the middle class for all Massachusetts residents

They define “gateway cities” as “Gateway Cities as “midsize urban centers that anchor regional economies around the state. For generations, these communities were home to industry that offered residents good jobs and a “gateway” to the American Dream. Over the past several decades, manufacturing jobs slowly disappeared. Lacking resources and capacity to rebuild and reposition, Gateway Cities have been slow to draw new economic investment.”

Gateway Cities look to the corner office for leadership on school integration

The Gateway Cities Journal

Dec 19, 2022 

Gateway Cities look to the corner office for leadership on school integration

On the campaign trail, Governor-elect Healey did not articulate clear strategies for closing stark educational disparities in Massachusetts. Her appointments and statements in the coming weeks will be closely watched for clues on how she will approach these challenging issues. A strong first step would be to depart from her predecessors by acknowledging that increasing school segregation is a threat to the commonwealth’s social and economic future, and a problem that she will take head-on from the corner office.

MassINC began 2022 with a report that looked at the increasing concentration of low-income students in Gateway City schools. This longstanding trend has major ramifications for development patterns in Massachusetts and widening inequality. Fortunately, there are meaningful responses that don’t require radical change. Dual-language immersion (DLI) is one of the most promising.

Please read more here.

And some reports they link to:

The Benefits of Socioeconomically and Racially Integrated Schools and Classrooms

Dual-Language Immersion Programs Raise Student Achievement in English

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