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Multilingual learners doing better in US schools than previously thought

July 23, 2018

From: The Conversation

July 17, 2018

By Assistant Professor of Education, Oregon State University

and Associate Professor of Literacy Education, New York University

Between 2003 to 2015, multilingual students showed two to three times more progress in reading and math than students who speak English only. With this progress, the achievement gaps between multilingual students and their peers have narrowed substantially.

This new analysis we conducted of results from the National Assessment of Education Progress contradicts previous reports that academic progress has stalled for multilingual learners.

We make this observation as former teachers and researchers who have spent more than two decades focused on understanding the experiences of multilingual students.

Our findings not only show that multilingual students are learning more now than in the past, but they also suggest to us that schools and districts are serving these students more effectively.

Please read more here.

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